Powerful Products

iCare Visitor Survey – A unique and cost effective product allowing you to gather feedback from all visitors to your campus in real time. Show you care while reaching an audience you have never been able to survey before.

iCare Employee Survey – Designed to gather positive feedback from employees and create a culture of caring in the workplace.

iCare Curriculum – A proven methodology that provides a comprehensive introduction to the universal needs of every customer. The iCare curriculum includes an instructor guide, inspirational video, PowerPoint presentation and participant materials.

SCoPE, School Communications Performance Evaluations – SCoPE is a survey and detailed analysis program designed solely to inform and improve school communications with three key audiences; Faculty and Staff, Parents and Families, Community. Through the SCoPE program, districts uncover where communications are working, where they are not, and most importantly, what they can do about it. SCoPE Surveys take the guesswork out of school communications.